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Coco Power Table Advertising Player

2019-07-25 17:56:13 Publisher: | FYD

Coco Power Table Advertising Player have been Displayed in different countries.

Till now we have cooperated with more than 80 countries customers around the world and all our products are highly praised.

Our completed Products series can meet all your different need, includes single screen, double screen with same or different display function.

They are absolutely your best desktop advertising machine choice to open markets.


★ Top Selling Models FYD-835S , FYD-835SD,FYD-835E

★ Newest Models: FYD-868,FYD-868 Plus, FYD-898


★ Innovative Function: Continuously Loop Playback Full / Split Screen Video and Image Ad While Charge Phones


★ Excellent Features:

① Unique and Stylish Appearance , Design Patent and ORIGINAL FACTORY

② Android System

③ Remotely  Manage  Devices  Play  Contents by Ad App , Connected WiFi and Cloud Server  

④ Single / Dual Sides Full View HD 7 / 8 Inch Screen

④ Big Battery 20800mAh


  Excellent Performance and Value: add places with thoughtful charging service and benefit more from displaying picture and video ad.

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