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  • FYD-898 WiFi 8 Inch Call Order Restaurant Table Advertising Display Player
    • FYD-898 WiFi 8 Inch Call Order Restaurant Table Advertising Display Player
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    FYD-898 WiFi 8 Inch Call Order Restaurant Table Advertising Display Player

    ★ Android 6.0 with RAM 1 G and 8G Storage
    ★ SINGLE 8” HD 1080p Wide Angle LCD Touch Screen 
    ★ Include Advertising display, Order, Call Service Functions etc
    ★ Remotely Push Image / Video to Devices
    ★ Devices Auto Update Display Through WiFi and Cloud Server
    ★Great Solutions for Table Advertising and Phone Charging 
    ★Suitable for kinds of Venues, such as Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Bars, Weddings, Waiting rooms, Events, Exhibitions,etc. 
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    FYD-898 WiFi 8 Inch Call Order Ad Display System Restaurant Table Advertising Player 

    Basic Content Management System FREE- No Monthly Fee
    Full Control of Images – Change Ads as Often as You Like 
    WIFI – Digital Advertiser Phone Charger with Dual 8″ HD LCD Plus WIFI Content Control

    Use all day, Recharge each night, Never be without power!

    • DUAL 8” HD 1080p LCD screen Wide angle (Screen Resolution 800 x 1280Pixels)
    • 20800mAh High Capacity Lithium Batteries – Charge Capability – 10+ Phones*
    • Continuously Loop Images & Video
    • Graphic Support: Image slideshow, Video play (Multiple Formats)
    • BASIC Cloud Based Wifi Content Control (Remotely upload images and videos online and update through WIFI)
    • Two Built-in Cables + 2 USB Ports – Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously
    • Size: 115mm*124*243mm
    • Built in NAND Flash 8G
    • Will charge 10+ Phones/Day while running Dual digital screens for up to 12-18 hours
    • Fast recharge – Only 6-7 hours

    Great Solutions for Table Advertising & Phone Charging.

    Display Advertising on Lot of Tables is a newest and innovative way

    that is the nearest and longest stay and can have interaction with consumers.

    Our Android WiFi models comes with our brand-new powerful easy to use cloud-based

     digital signage software include Ad Display System, Order System, Call System etc together. 

    Well-Liked and Multi-Function Tabletop Advertising Player  

    Brilliant Way to Offer Mobile Charging at Each Table & Improve Your Business!

    How to Benefit from Table Advertising Player with Menu Power Bank?


    With the Continuous Looping Graphics and Video, you can advertise your Services, Specials, Promotions and Upsells easily to a captive audience, while they charge.

    Studies have shown that while you are providing a FREE Service like ‘CHARGING Phones’, the psychologically association of your brand will leave a positive and lasting impression.

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