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  • FYD-868 Plus X WiFi Digital Restaurant Table Top Advertising Display
    • FYD-868 Plus X WiFi Digital Restaurant Table Top Advertising Display
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    FYD-868 Plus X WiFi Digital Restaurant Table Top Advertising Display

    ★ Android 8.1 with RAM 1 G and16G Storage
    ★ Double Sides 8”HD 1080p Wide Angle LCD Touch Screen 
    ★Install our Easy to Use & Cloud Based AD Software for Digital Videos / Images ADS Display, Order Food , Call Service , Scan QR Code to Order or Pay etc.
    ★ Great Solutions for Table Advertising and Phone Charging 
    ★ Suitable for kinds of Venues, such as Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Bars, Weddings, Waiting rooms, Events, Exhibitions,etc. 
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    FYD-868 Plus X WiFi NFC Restaurant Table Advertising Display Player

    Unbeatable Advantages: 
    ① Solve Advertising & Charging needs for and within Restaurants, Bars, Hotels , Salons, Banks, Golf Clubs , 4S Car Stores  and Advertisers alike.
    ② Tabletop advertising network will become a large global platform for advertising in the future.
    ③ Display Contents on Lot of Tables is the nearest and longest stay with consumers .
    ④ Display Contents Easily seen for Hours Day by Day to boost the Sales While People Wait / Charge phone / Enjoy Meal/ Coffee etc.
    ⑤ Have interaction with consumers while they charge phones , so they have a positive and lasting impression on display contents.

    Well-Liked and Multi-Function Tabletop Advertising Player  

    Brilliant Way to Offer Mobile Charging at Each Table & Improve Your Business!

    How to Benefit from Table Advertising Player with Menu Power Bank?


    With the Continuous Looping Graphics and Video, you can advertise your Services, Specials, Promotions and Upsells easily to a captive audience, while they charge.

    Studies have shown that while you are providing a FREE Service like ‘CHARGING Phones’, the psychologically association of your brand will leave a positive and lasting impression.

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